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Scale Girl

Some character artwork done using Modo, Zbrush, and Mari and then Modo again to render. This was my first serious project done with Mari. I learned a lot. I have to say Mari is a wonderful painting app I will be using for all my painted texture work now. Its rock solid and just laughs at any heavy data you throw at. It was wonderful to be able to paint on my highest level zbrush sculpt fluidly. I think this was the experience I dreamed of the first time I used Metacreations “Painter 3d” in 1999 to paint a 50 poly apple, and the workflow I wish Bodypaint grew into in the mid 2000’s.

This was also my first real foray into UDIM’s. I initially started the project in PTEX but found performance and workflow a bit smoother when I baked (using the awesome transfer tools in Mari) my PTEX textures into UV shells. Once you grasp the idea of setting up channels in Mari as your individual texture outputs you can create a very non-destructive iterative workflow. I was able to setup all of my numerous SSS related maps in Mari and then just use adjustment layers to dial in the contrast and saturation amounts to get the render I wanted in Modo.


The final image is a real-time version of the asset rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. The textures were consolidated into 0-1 space using Mari’s texture transfer tools. The triangle count is 1/100th, and the texel space is 1/8th that of the images above.


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