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Tool : Tree Planter v0.1

This is a tool developed to lay trees out effeciently and at scale, while still being very artistically directable. The idea here is to place trees within a non-destructive closed curve. A maximum tree count is specified by the user but if the curves area is not large enough, or there is not enough valid terrain under the curve it will not place a tree. The trees, rocks, and grass all have their own rules as to what a valid slope if for growth to occur. In the case of trees the user can also control how much of the terrains normal is inherited, making the tree up to perpendicular with the uneven terrain. This assumes the slope of the terrain is valid for tree placement in the first place, which is another controllable setting.

Multiple tree types, rocks and grasses are fed into a probability matrix that allows the user to intimately control the composition of each growth type. This could possibly be used for changing seasons over time, or for performance gains by increasing the occurrence of cheaper trees. Trees are treated as bundles, so they have their sort of biome of rocks and grass. They also claim their own space so you will not see grass growing through rocks, or trees growing on rocks. Further to that obstruction objects can be designated which the trees, rocks and grass will grow around and accommodate.

This tool is not meant to populate an entire level with one large curve, it instead is far more powerful when used to create many smaller tree clusters that can be directed in the location of the trees, the shape of the cluster, the composition of trees and coverage.

A cheap and responsive, yet visually rich preview mode allows an artist to work at very interactive speeds.

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