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Tool : Adaptive UV's

What if UV’s were aware of the textures they were being used with? l have been thinking about this for a long time. I often wished UV’s could easily adjust when I was consolidating assets and baking multiple texture maps into one consolidated UV space. I often wished I could set up a relationship between a UV island and a texture map. This is an attempt to do that. The idea of “smart” UV’s is actually the first piece of tech towards a much larger optimization tool I have had in the back of my head for a few years now. That tool would take a finished asset and massively reduce the texture resources needed for it with little to no quality loss. But I am not really ready to talk too much about that tool or process just yet. This version 0.1 of the SmartUV tool was more of a “can it be done?” and what issues are there to still solve. The most interesting part of the tool is probably setting up the correspondence between the UV islands and the image. I plan to allow the user to manipulate this relationship either to resolve situations where I got it wrong, or because of some user need/situation I have not thought of yet. There may also be reason to “lock” some UV islands out of manipulation.

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