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Tool : Concept to Proxymesh v0.1

Initially, the thought of turning nothing but a drawing into a useable mesh in a production seemed like a crazy idea. But the more I thought about it, the more I had to try and see how far I could get. It turns out, quite far. This tool is still in its early days. I have several ideas on how to continue to improve the quality of the meshes it generates as well as increase the scope of the assets it can handle. I did the bulk of the implementation over a weekend, but came back a few times over the course of two weeks to try different approaches and to optimize the speed and stability of the tool. One of my early approaches was using the concept as a height map on the mesh, but this was both slow (30s to generate) and required a lot of memory. I suppose I could have tried intelligently pooling geometry but eventually I discarded this approach, which put me on a much better path and resulted in the tool below, which runs at nearly real-time.

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