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Tool : Cabin Gen v0.1

This tool is designed to streamline the task of building and populating structures in a game. It was built over a few days in free time, and has had maybe one major iteration so far. Based on rules, rooms types are created, and appropriate furniture for that room is placed. First a random floorpan is created based on the square footage the user requests. Wall and roofing are then placed around and over the floorplan. Rooms are assigned a type based on size, a hierarchy, and the presence of other rooms. Appropriate room furnishings are only present in a valid room type ie. No toilets in the main living area, and no beds in the washroom. Furniture generally lives along walls, and placement areas become invalid when there are doorways, or low windows or other objects claiming the space. Assuming there are multiple valid locations for a piece of furniture the user can manually cycle through the options to find a more pleasing location. One of the interesting parts of the tool is the probability matrix that allows the user to control the mixture of assets. In this case the mixture of plain walls, and two kinds of window treatments.

Lastly the architecture can be stylized for art direction reasons so walls and corners are not confined to perfect 90 degree angles. Roofs can dip etc while remaining in a fully procedural non-destructive system. This is still a work in progress. There are some minor roofing scenarios that could generate better results as well as the missing connection piece for roof corners.

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