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Tool : Attribute assignment v0.1

The Attribute assignment tool was created because I use part naming a lot and it can be quite tedious to setup, especially when trying to match other meshes that have come before it. The tool takes a template mesh that has the part naming, or UV assignment which is desired on the target mesh. The tool then does a crude alignment moving the template into the same space as the target. A raycast is then done and the greatest distance is kept to drive the search and transfer distance. The tool also checks the target mesh for existing groups and names and weights the amount of existing correct attributes against the search distance in order to try and avoid stomping over correct values.

Version 0.2 will do a better job of aligning meshes. I have done some part recognition for other tools to find the head region on a mesh or the barrel of a gun. I would try and then use this information to align individual regions and deal with orientation differences.

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