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Tool : Skull Fitter v0.1, Houdini + OpenCV

I have been wanting to play with OpenCV for a while. While I have used it before, I had only done very basic things like augmenting images, basically things you could already do with Photoshop, and grabbing depth maps or segmenting images with my old 360 Kinect. Not the interesting things like facial recognition, tracking objects, or extracting features and keypoints.

A pet project of mine for a while has been the idea of a 3d DCC having some sense of the data it is working on. It seems like the program knowing that you are working with a car, or a quadruped or in this case a human head would allow the software to make smarted context valid automations. This is a very early iteration of the tool. First using openCV I identify the face, eyes, nose and mouth of the 3d model. This then allows more landmarks to be placed and validated on the mesh. A skull mesh is then placed, aligned, and scaled to fit within the volume of the head. Various anatomical skin depths are then taken into account over the head so that the skull is a reasonable distance from the surface at all locations.

The registration could still be better and will be refined further. The next phase is building viens and placing facial muscles and tendons between the skull and skin surface that again adapt to the scan it is fed.

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